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About Valleyfair

Valleyfair, sometimes stylized Valleyfair! is a 125 acre amusement park located in Shakopee, Minnesota, USA and is currently the largest amusement park in the Upper Midwest United States. The park has over 50 rides and water attractions and currently operates 8 roller coasters, one of the most popular being Wild Thing. Valleyfair also has a water park, Soak City (Formerly Whitewater Country - Changed with Addition of Breaker Bay in 2009), located completely within it.

Valleyfair opened in 1976 and was originally themed as a Coney Island-styled turn-of-the-century amusement park, which leads to some jarring contrasts with modern-style rides like the steel roller coasters Corkscrew and Wild Thing.

The park is owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. Valleyfair and Cedar Point are the two original Cedar Fair parks and the Fair in the Cedar Fair name comes from Valleyfair.

Valleyfair’s normal operating season runs daily from Memorial Day through Labor Day and some weekends in May and September. There is also a "ValleySCARE" event near Halloween.

Valleyfair! opened in 1976 featuring 20 rides and attractions on 26 acres, with the roller coaster High Roller being the main attraction. The carousel in the park came from Excelsior Amusement Park which was closed many years earlier. It is the oldest ride in the park. In 1978 in an effort to increase investment capital for continued park expansion, Valleyfair was acquired by Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio and placed under the management of Cedar Fair Limited Partnership. The park continues to grow every year with new rides and attractions.

Since 1976, Valleyfair has invested over $96 million into the park, and today the park has over 50 rides on 125 acres of land.

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